Ana sayfa English The 52nd Antalya International Film Festival begins

The 52nd Antalya International Film Festival begins


The Antalya International Film Festival, one of the deepest-rooted festivals in Europe and Asia, as well as one of the longest-running film festivals in Turkey, has kicked off


The 52nd event of the International Antalya Film Festival, which will be held from Nov. 29 through to Dec. 6 started with a cortege on Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

The festival will host world-renowned Hollywood figures Kathleen Turner, a prominent star of the 1980s and ’90s and Vanessa Redgrave, winner of Academy, Tony and Emmy awards alongside Turkish stars such as actress Ayşen Gruda, director Erden Kıral and actor Kayhan Yıldızoğlu.

A total of 12 films that will compete for the Golden Orange in the National Film Competition, while 10 films, including those from India, Sweden, Palestine and Denmark will compete in the International Feature Film Competition Category at the festival. The prize of 50,000 euros will be awarded to the best one in the International Feature Film Competition Category.

Danish director Jeppe Ronde’s “Bringend;” a Serbia-Germany co-production, director Gorap Radovanoviç’s “Enclave;” Swedish Alexandra-Therese Keining’s “Girls Lost;” Turkey-Hungary co-production, Mustafa Kara’s “Cold of Kalandar;” an India-France co-production, Neeraj Ghaywan’s “Masaan,” a Germany-Iraq co-production Şevket Emin Korki’s “Memories on Stone;” Russian Natalya Kudryashova’s “Pioneer Heroes;” a Turkey-Germany-France co-production, Özcan Alper’s “Memories of the Wind;” an Italy-Switzerland-Germany-Albania-Kosovo-France co-production, Laura Bispuris’s “Sworn Virgin” and Palestinian Hani Ebu Essed’s “The Idol” are the films to compete at the international film category.

Awards will be handed out for Best Director, Best Scriptwriting, Best Music, Best Female Actress and Best Male Actor. The winners from these categories will be announced during the closing ceremony of the festival on Dec. 6.

The 52nd International Antalya Film Festival will run from Nov. 29 through to Dec. 6 under the organization of the Antalya Municipality and Antalya Culture and Arts Foundation.

The Antalya Film Festival, known as the Turkish Oscars, has been an annual Antalya event since 1963. The event, taking place at the Antalya Cultural Center in fall every year has been organized solely by the Antalya Foundation for Culture and Arts since 2009 and has included an international section within the main body of the festival.

The film festival aims to promote the development of the film industry and cooperation of the world artistic community, as well as to contribute to the development of film culture in Turkey.