Ana sayfa English Gold standard in lumbar hernia surgery

Gold standard in lumbar hernia surgery


Endoscopic disk surgery should be regarded as the new gold standard for lumber hernia surgeries, says a brain nerve and neurosurgery specialist, adding that Turkey is a center for lumbar hernia surgeries


Specialists say that people with desk jobs are in the highest-risk group for lumbar hernia. About 80 percent of adults suffer from some form of pain in the lower back area. In most cases, lower back pain is caused by living conditions, strenuous working conditions, various physical accidents or incorrect posture. Undoubtedly desk jobs play a significant role in the occurrence of this medical problem.

Op. Salih Aydın, MD, a Brain, Spine and Neurosurgery Specialist at Emsey Hospital, said that the final point in chronic lower back pain is lumbar hernia. Although more prevalent in the between the ages of 30 and 60, it can occur in other age groups as well.

A sedentary life paves the way for lumbar hernia…

Factors like low physical activity, a prevalence of desk jobs, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle damage spinal disks, leading to the occurrence of lumbar hernias at early ages. An important cause of lumbar and leg pain is lumbar hernias that intensify later in life.


Contrary to general belief, the spine is not the only structure bearing the load of our bodies. Muscles in the neck, back and abdomen also play an important role. A sedentary lifestyle with little physical activity puts the entire load on the spine, rather than distributing it throughout the muscles. Weak muscles lead to the development of hernias between the disks. The problem is exacerbated if the person is overweight. However, it is still possible to overcome this problem by making a change in lifestyle.

When is surgery an option for lumbar hernias?

Surgery becomes an option when conservative treatment methods like physiotherapy, medication treatment, resting or similar options become ineffective, or if the patient cannot be treated or presents pronounced, progressive neurological findings like foot problems, urological problems or persistent pain.

Lumbar hernia relapses from unsuccessful surgical operations

Surgical interventions aimed at lumbar hernia and the lumbar area in general are very precise operations for the patient. They might require multiple surgical operations.